Dazzle Nature Sheen

Dazzle Nature Sheen

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Nature Sheen helps provide crystal clear water

  • All natural clarifier
  • Traps small particles that your filter cannot capture
  • Recommended to use when pool is "milky", when you want your pool "sparkly" and as part of your regular weekly maintenance
  • Eliminates cloudy water
  • Caution: You can overdose, making your pool cloudier than originally 


    • For Dazzling clear water,

        • A weekly polisher

        • An effective problem solver for cloudy water
    • Powerful, concentrated clarifier
    • Ionically charged, agglomerating agent
    • Designed to remove common particulate found in hot tub water
    • Works in conjunction with filter system
    • New formula - all natural
    • Lowers costs and improves results

        • Improved filtration and water clarity reduces sanitizer requirement

        • Provides more inviting water
    • As part of preventative maintenance program;

        • Initially upon filling

        • Weekly thereafter
    • Or, as needed to improve water clarity

How Much

    • For regular maintenance:

        • Initially: ¾ to 1 capful per 1,000 Litres

        • Weekly: ½ capful per 1,000 Litres
    • For cloudy water:

        • 1 capful per 1,000 litres
    • 1 capful = 25


    • Operate pump with air off
    • Apply directly to water
    • Filter continuously until water clears
    • Repeat application if water hasn’t cleared in 24 hours

Do not overdose – highly concentrated formula