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Dazzle Phos Cleanse 700ml

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Designed to remove phosphates from hot tub water

Comes in 700ml bottle

Hot Tub Phos Cleanse


Effectively remove phosphates;

  • Reduces phosphate levels to near zero
  • Reduce risk of scale formation
  • Reduce risk of biofilm contamination
  • Gives you cleaner, clearer water
  • Reduces sanitizer demand
  • Essential for any salt water hot tub

Unique technology;

  • Effective - advanced, lanthanum formulation
  • Easy - works through filter – minimal clouding
  • Simply filter phosphates away

Environmentally friendly:

  • No side-effects
  • Non-toxic, non-hazardous
  • No water discharge restrictions


Any time phosphate levels exceed:

100 ppb

Use phosphate test strips to determine level of phosphate

Where phosphate is an on-going issue, use as a weekly maintenance product

o 1 capful per 350 litres


Removes a problem-causing inorganic compound from pool water – ‘phosphate’


How Much

If phosphate level is <300 ppb

  • Use 375 ml per 1,000

When phosphate level is 400 – 500 ppb

  • Use 500 ml per 1,000

When phosphate level is >600 ppb

  • Use 750 ml per 1,000


Limit applications to no more than 1 Litre.

Reduce phosphate in stages so as not to increase filter pressure beyond acceptable levels


Ensure the pump and filter are operating

Clean filter prior to adding if dirty

Shake well. Pour required amount slowly into skimmer or in front of suction port – don’t rinse or clean cartridge for min. 48 hrs to allow product to work.

Water may cloud but will clear.

Filter continuously until clear. Run pump and filter for a minimum of 4-6 hours per day while Phos Cleanse is in the filter. After 48 hours rinse cartridge with water. Do not use a pressure washer.


Phosphates in Hot Tubs

What are Phosphates? What harm do they do?

Phosphates are the naturally occurring form of the element phosphorous, found in many phosphate minerals. In ecological terms, phosphate is a very important resource as its availability can govern the rate of growth of organisms (especially in fresh water systems). In other words, phosphate is often the determining factor in whether microorganisms like algae and bacteria

grow. This important characteristic makes them undesirable in hot tub water as they can ‘fuel’ a microbial infestation (biofilm). In addition, the presence of phosphates can

create a significant demand for sanitizers like bromine and chlorine as oxidizers like these will attempt to break phosphates down. Phosphates will also combine with calcium ions in the water as it heats to form a calcium phosphate complex, leading to scale formation and dull water. In salt-water hot tubs, phosphate can coat the electrodes of the device, preventing the efficient production of chlorine or bromine or cause scale to form on the electrode. Phosphates provide no useful benefit but can make successful water management problematic and costly.


Phosphate Removal:
  1. Have your hot tub water tested by your Dazzle™ professional to determine the quantity of phosphate present. Levels greater than 100 ppb are considered significant enough to cause issues as highlighted
  2. Prior to treating the hot tub to remove phosphates, ensure the water is properly balanced with specific focus on the total alkalinity and pH. Ensure both are properly balanced prior to commencing
    1. To ensure phosphates are efficiently removed, it is recommended that your filter cartridge be cleaned prior to treatment with Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse, as per label
  3. Apply Dazzle™ Phos Cleanse at the following rate: If phosphate level is <300 ppb, use 375 ml per 1,000 L. When phosphate level is 400 – 500 ppb, use 500 ml per 1,000 L. When phosphate level is >600 ppb, use 750 ml per 1,000 L. Shake well before applying and add into the skimmer or directly in front of the suction Ideally, the product should be added in such a way that it goes directly to the filter cartridge. Each 1 litre application of Phos Cleanse will remove approx. 800 – 1,000 ppb of phosphate from your water.
  4. Run your pump and filter for a minimum of 4 – 6 hours per day while Phos Cleanse is in the filter cartridge. Note: The water may go cloudy after addition - run the pump and filter continuously until
  5. 48 hours after application, remove the filter cartridge(s) and rinse with water using a garden hose and moderate pressure. Never use a pressure washer to rinse your filter cartridge(s) as this can cause
  6. Repeat applications of Phos Cleanse, if necessary, based on the phosphate level to be
  7. Once treatments with Phos Cleanse are complete, clean your cartridge with Filter Cleanse, following label directions.



Avoid the use of products which contain phosphates or are phosphate-based (i.e. certain stain and scale control products contain Phosphonic Acid, which reverts to orthophosphate after oxidation).

Should your fill water contain a phosphate residual, you can treat periodically with Dazzle™ Phos Cleanse