About Us Page

We have been in the hot tub industry since 1993. Our passion is to educate and supply you with the correct supplies and information to look after your hot tub yourself. The backbone of our expertise is from having a service based company that looks after over 500 hot tubs per month weekly. Along with all our water care knowledge is 25 years of hot tub and pool repairs. We don't just care about selling you a hot tub, which we have also been doing since 1993, but looking after you post hot tub purchase.

Who is HTO?

Hot Tub Outfitters. We are ambassadors to consumers seeking a spa and backyard lifestyle.

What do we Deliver?

Honest, client-centric, and customer focused support. Speed of Delivery. Large Selection. At home leisure lifestyle. Accessibility. Affordable. Quality time with family. hottubs, hot tub and pool parts, supplies a


Business with Integrity. Quality delivery. Quality guarantee. Innovative. Responsive. Approachable. Equal Opportunity.


Supportive. Professional. Sincere. Reliable. Honest and trustworthy. Responsive customer service. Friendly. Innovative. Hard working. Family Value.