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Stain ID Kit

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(STAIN ID KIT) is the first step in performing a successful Jack’s Magic stain removal.  The Stain ID Kit is designed to take the guesswork out of removing swimming pool stains.  One of the (4) simple topical tests will identify what bests removes a swimming pool stain, saving both time and money.  Please Note:  The water should be at least 65-70 degrees in order to insure accurate testing results.


Product Faq

How important is it to have the chemistry within the parameters when doing the stain ID?
It’s very important! Most unsuccessful IDs or stain misidentifications are a result of not following the instructions.

My stain is in the deep end of the pool or on the wall; how do I do the ID?
There are a few different ways to address this issue. If you have adjusted your water balance according to the instructions and have the pump turned off, wait for the water to stop moving. Then you can sprinkle a small amount of each packet into the water. As the product dissolves it becomes a solution that is heavier than the water. This solution will sink to the bottom and begin to react with the stain. This process should be repeated with each product. Patience is the key to using this method as it takes time for the solution to sink and react.

Another method is to put a small amount of material in a piece of hosiery, attach it to the vac pole and hold it directly over the stained area. As before, this would need to be repeated with each product in the kit.