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Mineraluxe Balance TH+ 550g

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Mineraluxe TH+ is a high-grade mineral designed to increase total hardness in hot tub water. Your hot tub water behaves very much like the human body when it comes to satisfying its mineral content. Just like your body when water has too little calcium, it will look for ways to rebalance itself and restores its mineral content. Hot tub surfaces and equipment are often the most vulnerable to your water’s aggressive search for minerals. A low calcium hardness can damage hot tub surfaces and cause corrosion of equipment, particularly in heaters.


  • Raises Calcium Hardness (CH)
  • Use when CH is less than 100 ppm to return to effective range of 100 – 200 ppm
  • Low CH causes;
    • Etching of plaster, grout
    • Increased overall corrosion of surfaces - staining
    • Increased risk of problems and major repair costs
  • Highest grade mineral available
    • Clean, granular, ‘prill’ form
    • Dissolves quickly and fully – even in hot water
    • Lowest impurity level available
    • Alkaline – pH 8 - 9 in solution


  • Apply when needed to maintain CH between 100 – 200 ppm
  • Always test with fresh fill and monthly thereafter

How Much

  • To raise CH:

o  10 g per 1,000 L raises CH 10 ppm

  • 1 capful = 10 grams (approx.)


  • Always adjust CH after TA and pH
  • Operate pump with air off
  • Divide total amount of Balance TH+ into 3 equal applications
  • Apply 1 application every 3 hours by sprinkling slowly over water surface – do not predissolve
  • Circulate for 1 – 2 hours

What is Calcium Hardness'


What is CH

  • The measure of dissolved calcium present in the water
  • Total Hardness is the measure of calcium and magnesium
  • Proper hot tub range: 100 – 200 ppm
  • If low, raise with Balance TH+
  • If high, control with Stain & Scale 1 and 2
  • Balance initially at fresh fill
  • Check monthly and adjust/treat as needed


Why Is It Important

  • In hot tub water, a balanced calcium hardness does the following:
    • Helps protect surfaces from corrosion, staining
    • Helps protect surfaces from scale formation
    • Helps provide clearer water
    • Fewer problems / easier maintenance

Why Does CH Change

  • Top up water can raise or lower CH
  • Otherwise, it shouldn’t shift much once balanced
  • Product additions don’t generally have an effect on CH

Problems Associated with CH

  • When low – soft water
    • Etched plaster, grout
    • Increased corrosiveness
    • Possible staining
  • When high – scale forming
    • Scale forms more readily

 Heater, therapy jets

 Remove with Stain & Scale 1

 Prevent with Stain & Scale 2

  • Cloudy water
  • Hard water stains

What is Calcium Hardness'


at is Calcium Hardness'