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Dazzle TA+ Total Alkalinity Increaser

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  • Increases Total Alkalinity
  • Come in 750g bottle


  • Raises Total Alkalinity (TA) of hot tub water
  • Use when TA is less than 125 ppm to return to effective range of 125 – 150 ppm
  • Low TA causes;
    • pH bounce – difficult to balance
    • Increased corrosion of metal surfaces- staining
  • Etching of plaster, grout
  • Increased risk of problems and major repair costs
  • Highest grade mineral available
    • Very fine, granular form
    • Dissolves quickly and fully
    • Food grade – no impurities
    • Alkaline – pH 8.3 in solution
  • Apply when needed to maintain TA between 125 – 150 ppm
  • Always test with fresh fill and monthly thereafter

How Much

  • To raise TA:

o 18 g per 1,000 L raises TA 10 ppm

  • 1 capful = 10 grams (approx.)


  • Always adjust TA 1st, before pH or TH
  • Operate pump with air off
  • Apply product by sprinkling slowly over water surface in one application
  • Circulate for 1 – 2 hours
  • Always test and re-balance pH after application of Balance TA+

What is TA

  • The total of all alkaline minerals in water
  • Namely bicarbonates, carbonates, hydroxides
  • The measure of waters ability to resist a change in pH
  • Proper hot tub range: 125 – 150 ppm
  • Acts as a buffer or shock absorber for pH
  • Balance initially at fresh fill
  • Check monthly and adjust as needed

Why Is It Important

  • In hot tub water, a balanced total alkalinity does the following:
    • Allows easier maintenance of pH within the desired range
    • Helps protect surfaces from corrosion, staining and scale formation
    • Helps provide clearer water
    • Fewer problems / easier maintenance

Why Does TA Change

  • TA is depleted in the buffering of acids and maintenance of proper pH
  • Product additions can have an effect on TA
    • Bromine Tabs lower TA
    • Balance pH- lowers TA
    • Balance pH+ raises TA
  • Aeration lowers TA
  • Fill water can raise or lower TA

Problems Associated with TA

  • When low – acidic
    • pH bounces uncontrollably
    • Corrodes surfaces
    • Possible staining
  • When high – scale forming
    • High acid demand
    • High pH
    • Scale forms more readily
    • Cloudy water (calcium)