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Dazzle Hot Tub Amaze Plus 850g

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Amaze Plus functions as a shock, using enhanced active oxygen paired with powerful clarifiers to reduce non-filterable wastes such as organics, ammonia or nitrogen.

How does this help you?

  • Your sanitizer neutralizes organics within your hot tub, but in process of doing so your sanitizer gets trapped alongside the organic waste. By shocking/oxidizing your spa, you burn away the organics, freeing up any trapped sanitizer to further cleanse your spa. (Increases chlorine/bromine)


  • Broadcast product across spa surface, allow for water to cycle for 15 minutes
  • Keep cover off spa for minimum 1 hour
  • Use when water appears cloudy, is releasing an odor or after heavy spa use
  • Follow up with Dazzle’s Botanical Cleanse for a complete cleaning of your spa

*Always review directions on chemical bottles before application


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Fast, great service

Ordered Dazzle. Fast great service.

Thanks Jane!! Amazing to hear this great feedback, thank you for taking the time to leave it for us. Have a great long weekend! Ben