Dazzle Chlorinating Tablets 800g

Dazzle Chlorinating Tablets 800g

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1" Slow Release Chlorine Tablets

Why use our chlorine tablets in your hot tub?

Because the slow dissolving tablets lend themselves well to a controlled release of chlorine while killing germs and micro-organisms FAST!


    • Chlorine sanitizer (HOCl) in slow dissolving, tablet form

    • Trichloroisocyanuric Acid

    • pH 9

    • Chlorine (HOCl) is effective in keeping hot tub water safe (3 – 5 ppm)

    • Kills germs and micro-organisms fast

    • Use only as primary sanitizer

o  Use Chlorine Granules to boost level



    • Use as needed to maintain 3 – 5 ppm on a continuous basis

    • Slow dissolving tablets lend themselves well to a controlled release of Chlorine

How Much
    • In general – a hot tub will use approximately 5 – 10 grams per 1,000 litres per day

    • Each tablet weighs approx 20 grams

    • Typical usage is 2 – 3 tablets per week per 1,000

    • Usage is dependent on bather loads, temperature, overall care and maintenance, use of other products,

    • Use a test kit or test strips to check

    • Chlorine Tablets should be placed in floating dispenser or controlled feeder

    • Best approach is to fill the dispenser or feeder with the number of tablets required to treat for a week or pre- determined period

    • Use Dazzle Chlorine Granules to establish the residual or to boost when < 3 ppm

    • Use Dazzle Amaze Plus for weekly shock treatments along with Dazzle Botanical Cleanse

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