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Gecko S-Class Spa Pack 0202-205212 (basic)

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This is a basic Gecko S Class spa pack that is designed to work in hot tubs that have 1 single 2 speed pump for the jets, it will also operate an ozonator if the hot tub has one and a light. It can be configured to also run an optional circulation pump at 120 volts or 230 volts. This spa pack is recommended as a replacement for a number of older Gecko S Class models that operate 1 pump, possibly a circulation pump, ozone and a light. This Gecko pack does not come with the receptacles for the pump, circ pump or ozonator installed, the receptacles from your old pack can be used or new ones can be purchased separately.

Pack features:

  • Spa pack: 0202-205212
    can run,
    1-2 speed pump 240V,
    Circ pump 120V
    Ozonator 120V.
  • Heater 4kw@240V.
  • SC-CF-P12-O-CP-LS-H4.0-U-GE1
  • This spa pack requires a neutral wire from the GFCI
  • ***Does not come with receptacles, use the ones from your existing pack***
Compatible with topside panel: TSC-9, TSC-18, TSC-19. (sold separately)