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Spa Life EZ Brom 800g - Brominating Granules

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Bromine granules for your hot tub
  • Comes in 800g bottle


  • Bromine sanitizer (HOBr) in granular, fast dissolving form
  • Bromine (HOBr) is highly effective in keeping hot tub water safe (3 – 5 ppm)
  • Kills germs and micro-organisms fast
  • Use as primary sanitizer, a boost, or for periodic shocking
  • As an instant boost:
    • Establishes residual after fresh fill
    • Re-establishes residual when < 3 ppm
  • Dissolves fast
  • Completely soluble
  • pH neutral formula



  • As the primary sanitizer:
    • Apply daily or as needed to maintain bromine residual of 3 – 5 ppm
    • Use a test kit or test strips
  • As an instant boost:
    • Apply any time the bromine residual drops below 3 ppm
    • Ideal for use with Bromine Tabs and Bromine Salt systems
  • As a shock treatment:
    • Weekly or after heavy use
    • Leave cover off for up to 8 hours

How Much

  • As a primary sanitizer or a boost:
    • Use 5-10gr per 1,000 litres to establish 3 – 5 ppm

  • As a bromine shock treatment:
    • Use 25gr per 1,000 litres
    • Do not use the tub until residual drops to 3 - 5


  • Remove cover
  • Operate pump with air off
  • Diverter valve(s) neutral
  • Broadcast required amount evenly across top of water
  • Test to ensure desired result is achieved

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Dan Tibbs
Quick and easy

The order was easy to make. It came quickly and at a great price

We are beyond happy to hear that Dann! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us a positive review and we are happy that you found the site easy to use and the order easy to place! Cheers, Ben