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Balboa VL801D Panel W/Overlay 10763 (J/J/B/L)

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Balboa topside control for the M2 and M3 systems. This topside is specific to and will only work with the Balboa M2 and M3 systems. It is not compatible with the Balboa VS system.


  • Balboa M Series Deluxe Topside
  • VL801D, part number 54108-01
  • Works with the following:
    Leisure Bay Chip: LB104R1(x)
    Balboa Chip: M2/M3R1D
    Seven Seas Chip: SEV200F.O.
    Caldara Spas Chip: 9800CPR2E
  • Button Configuration: 8-Button; (Top Row) Time-Warm-Blower-Light; (Bottom Row) Mode-Cool-Jet1-Jet2
  • Phone-type connector with 7ft cord, 8-wire
  • Size is 7.4" x 3.3".

This Balboa topside is also a compatible replacement option for the following Balboa topside part numbers: 52910, 51790 (PLB104), 51063, 3-00-8018, 9705-18, 51611, 58-138-1182, 611631, AA-9784, 9784, 2-54155 (Topside with 10ft Cable), 3-00-8028 (Topside with 10ft Cable), 58-138-1192 (Topside with 10ft Cable), 30-200-4155, 54155 (Topside with 10ft Cable).