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Hot Tub Filter Cartridges 4CH-24

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  • How can I tell when a Filter Cartridge needs to be replaced? With no moving parts or electrical switches to fail, Filters Cartridges do not have a defined end-of-life. Instead media will gradually plug up over time.

    In a typical spa, the culprit that plugs the media is perspiration and body oils combined with soaps, chemicals and very fine particulate. In a swimming pool, the loading is primarily debris along with suntan lotions and organic matter such as algae.

    Assuming the Filter is properly maintained and correctly sized to the pump, determining when the Filter Cartridge is exhausted depends primarily upon three factors:
    1. Shorter cycle time between cleanings
    2. Low water flow rate and high differential pressure
    3. Catastrophic failure such as a tear in the media or center core collapse

    • Diameter: 4 5/8 ; length: 9 3/4
    • Top end cap: molded cone handle, 0" inner diameter; bottom end cap: 1-1/2" male thread/mpt, 0" inner diameter
    • Pleat count: 173; filter media: 3 oz Reemay 2033
    • filter area: 25 sq. ft.
    • Get more efficient filtration and better water clarity
    • Longer time between cleanings; meets O.E.M. specifications  

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