What is UV and ozone? How does UV and ozone work in my hot tub?

Ultra Violet Light Hot Tub Sanitation – Is the perfect blend of hygiene, purity and technology that is used around the world to purify drinking water and kill 99.9% of microorganisms, bacteria, viruses and parasites while oxidizing debris left behind.  The UV light scrambles the organisms DNA causing it to be inactive, which means it can’t reproduce. This makes any bacteria or virus that comes in contact with the UV light harmless. Using UV light, a UV sanitation system can keep your water bacteria free. This system is already installed inside your hot tub where hot tub users will not be affected by the UV. The water passes through the system across the light and exits back into the hot tub clean.  Using UV also reduces the amount of chemicals needed to sanitize your hot tub . The UV bulb is to be changed every three years as its effectiveness is drastically reduced after this time and is strongly recommended.

Ozone Sanitation Systems for Hot Tubs - Ozone gas sanitation systems have been around in the hot tub industry a little longer than their UV counterparts. When we think of ozone we ironically think of the layer above our heads in the sky that protects us from UV radiation. However ozone gas or O3 is a powerful oxidizer used in many commercial and residential applications including hot tubs.  It is such a powerful oxidizer that it can oxidize and destroy any bacteria or pathogens it comes in contact with. The key there is WHAT IT COMES IN CONTACT WITH. Hot tub manufacturers design the ozone system so that the o3 gas is injected into the plumbing system and mixes with the circulated water. So as the pump is moving the water through the system it ends up mixing with the o3 gas and any particles or contaminants get oxidized and killed.  The other nice thing about ozone is that it can oxidize chloramines and bromines, which are the bad smelly irritating by-products of  bromine. With a bromine sanitizer it actually turns used-up bad bromine (bromines) back into good use-able bromine, freeing it so it can sanitize the water again.