Swim Spa Mineraluxe 13 Cubes
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Swim Spa Mineraluxe 13 Cubes

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The Mineraluxe Cube is the star of the Mineraluxe system. It’s an advanced weekly mineral treatment, featuring a blend of natural minerals fused with advanced cleanse and repel technology. It will leave your swim spa squeaky clean and will dramatically reduce the scaling of heaters, jets, surfaces and equipment

I personally use mineraluxe in my own hot tub and can attest to how great it works and feels.  It works with either Chlorine or Bromine so just make sure you select the correct sanitizer below. You add a cube and oxygen pouch weekly, as well as making sure your alkalinity, ph levels are good. Don't forget to have a floater with your sanitizer in the hot tub. When you buy mineraluxe I will send you off a brochure that has more information in it. We also have video's on our facebook and youtube channel.

Kit includes: 13 mineraluxe cubes

You should also be using Mineraluxe Oxygen in conjunction with Mineraluxe cubes

Mineraluxe Oxygen provides a deep cleanse for your swimspa. This once a week application will oxidize your water and bring it back to an ultra clean and clear state.

  • Enhanced Activated Oxygen & Polishers
  • Cleanses Bather Wastes
    • OXYGEN breaks down wastes
  • Clarifies and Polishes Water
    • Lint, dead skin, dirt – reduced or filtered out
  • Works synergistically with CUBE