Water Softner - How to get a silky feel in your hot tub

Use Dazzle Performance Plus to soften your hot tub water.

• Enhances hot tub ownership
• Utilizes advanced borate technology

o Inorganic lubricating properties
o pH buffering capability
o increased mineral solubility

• Makes water feel soft and silky for a more comfortable, relaxed feel
• Helps buffer pH and total alkalinity, making water easier to balance and maintain
• Improves the efficiency of other products including sanitizers
• Improves water clarity – increased calcium solubility
• Reduces risk of scale formation
• Nice, pleasant fragrance
• Natural mineral additive

• Initially upon filling
• Weekly thereafter
Part of the Dazzle Hot Tub Maintenance Program –taking hot tub ownership to a new level! 

How Much
• Initially: 200 grams per 1,000 Litres
• Weekly: 40 grams per 1,000 Litres
• 1 capful = 6 grams

• Remove cover
• Operate pump with air off
• Apply required amount directly to water

o Preferably in front of skimmer or suction plate

• Run pump for 15 minutes to distribute

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