Updating/ Replacing a Old Spa Pak with a Updated Model

We receive calls all the time from customers who have an old (5-10) year old Spa Pak which has now malfunctioned in some way and is in need of replacement. Unfortunately the main companies that make these update their products every few years and so it is often not an easy switch over or replacement. It involves researching and finding the right retrofit Pak for you. 


Before we begin with this article, We always recommend that these parts be analyzed and installed by a professional. They are final purchase products and will be void of all manufacturers warranty if self installed. On top of this, these packs are upwards of $600 and are non returnable so it is often better to have a technician come out and analyze that you do indeed need to replace the whole pak, and which pak they would recommend for you. 


So to begin with, What is a Spa Pak?

The spa pack is the brain of your hot tub. A Spa Pak contains the circuit board and control system for your hot tub, It is often in a case and has the circuit board safely tucked away inside of it. It comes with a heater generally which is attached to the case, and sometimes comes as a total bundle which contains the pak, heater, topside control and receptacles. If you are replacing a old spa pak, we often will recommend to change the topside too to save any communication issues that may arise. 

The two main Spa Paks brands that we offer is Gecko and Balboa who both make incredible, long lasting products. The general life of these are about 8-10 years. 


1. Do you need to replace it?

Make sure that you need to replace the whole spa pak before you do so, this is why we recommend a technician if you are unsure. They could analyze that you only need to replace the heater for instance which will save you a lot of money.

They will often recommend to replace the Spa Pak if it is due to go (7-8 years old) or if you have been having lots of issues/ want to update your system. The new spa pak bundles all have digital control tops which is nice. 

2. Removing the Pak

We recommend that this be done by a professional. Make sure that water is out of the tub and all power turned off. Disconnect from the breaker too. We recommend that the professional labels all wiring so it can be easily re attached and configured. 

3. Choosing the right Pak for your tub

Now you need to find your self the best replacement for your current pak. There are a few considerations to account for when looking into this. We recommend to remove first so that you can accurately see what it looks like and what to replace with. 

There are a number of factors that you will have to make sure match your current system: You will need to check whether you have a 120/240v system, this will impact the decision on which pak, check the plumbing sizes too and the space to make sure the new one will fit. You should also keep in mind the power of the heater (HP or KW) and try match it to what you are purchasing, also keep in mind to confirm whether you have an ozonator and whether you have two pumps or one. May also decide to get a new digital topside, you should keep in mind the size so that you don't have to cut a bigger hole in the tub.

We have some popular bundles and spa paks here if you would like to try and find the right one for you.

You will find most of the information about your current pak on the spec sticker and you can also do some internet research to ascertain the above information. 


 As above,  once chosen and the part arrives, we recommend a professional installation. They will basically position the new pak into place, align the plumbing to connect it to the heater and the pump and the lines. After this it is about replacing all of the same wires which will likely be colour coded. 


We hope that you found this article helpful. Please feel welcome to give us a call if you have any more questions as we are always happy to help! 


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