Thermal hot tub is too hot!

During the summer months when its warm, the hot tub can sometimes get hot and because it is well insulated the heat can hot release (plus side - this means an extremely low energy bill in the winter). The hot tub does not have a cooling system so the temperature has to go down with the lid off, cool water added or there is a few steps I will address below.


Thermal Creep Remedy:


(Applies to: Any Spa Heating Past Set Temperature) Each year, consumers complain that their spa water gets hotter than the set temperature once the outside temperature gets warm. This condition is commonly referred to as "Thermal Creep" because it is characterized by a gradual increase in the spa's water temperature even when the heater is not energized.


The real culprit is the spa's insulation, not its heater or electronic controls. While the efficiency of our spas' insulation is a real energy saver during the cooler months, it also requires that the spa owner follow some simple guidelines if their spa water exceeds the set temperature during the warmer times of the year.


NOTE: Replacing electrical components on a spa will not remedy "Thermal Creep," nor will these component replacements be covered under warranty.


Below is a short list of remedies that have helped consumers out with this challenge in the past:


  1. Set the spa into Economy Mode (if applicable).


  1. Program the spa's filter cycles to run during the cooler evening hours (if applicable)


  1. "Vent" some of the excess heat by opening the spa cover after the sun (and outside temperature) has gone down in the evening.


  1. Prop the corners or center of the cover open with small folded towels before locking.


  1. Leave the air controls in the "Air" or open position when the spa is not in use.


  1. If possible, remove one of the foam billets used to insulate behind the side panels until fall.

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