Solutions to Common Hot Tub Problems

In this article we'll try to answer some common hot tub questions. When issues come up you'll want to take care of them ASAP. Try these ideas out!


The hot tub water is foamy

First make sure that everyone is showering before entering the spa. Also, check your filter and make sure it's clean. Then try a little bit of Dazzle Defoamer and that will help remove the foam. If the problem persists, it may be time for a water change.


The hot tub is greasy or has a yellow ring around the water line

Any grease or oil in the hot tub probably came in to the water from someone's skin. Make sure everyone is showering before entering. Sunscreen and body lotion can especially cause this problem. Use a Spa Brush to clean off the scum. Using a Zorbie can be amazing for preventing a scum line.


The hot tub filter is dirty

First try cleaning the filter with a Pleatco Filter Cleaning Tablet. These are amazing for removing dirt and oil and extending the life of your hot tub filter. If it is still dirty after a cleaning, it may be time for a new filter. We recommend new filters about once a year.


I'm really having trouble keeping my hot tub water fresh and clean

There are a million reasons why someone might have trouble keeping their water clean. Some hot tubs see lots of use from families with kids or some are in nightly rental accomodations. It's easy to recommend the Mineraluxe system because it's unique properties are amazing for keeping the hot tub water sparkling clean. It's an easy to use once-a-week system.


My hot tub has a slow leak and I can't find it

It might be worth trying to a bottle of Fix-A-Leak to see if this takes care of the issue. Take out the filter, add the Fix-A-Leak to the water and let it circulate. The product will gum up in any leaks in the pipes. Then put the filter back in and it will catch any leftover product.


I'm shopping for a new tub. There's so much info out there. How do I know which brand is the best?

There are lots of great brands of hot tubs available. We carry Equinox Spas because based on our experience they are the best quality, most durable and reliable hot tubs available on the market right now.


I hope you find these ideas helpful! Contact us if you have any questions

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