What is Shock for Hot Tubs & Spas?

Shock or shocking is a term that is widely used in the Hot Tub Industry. Shocking your hot tub water means to add a higher than normal dose of an oxidiser chemical to the water, this process may also be referred to as Oxidizing. Shocking your tub helps to control bacterial growth and destroy water impurities such as contaminants. 

We generally recommend use of a Shock or Oxidizer once a week in order to maintain the best & clearest water to soak in.

The Benefits of Shock

This will ensure that your hot tub water is sanitized and safe for bathers, as well as remove contaminants like lotions, skin products, make up etc. Shock also helps to re activate your sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) and make it work for you longet to continue to kill bacteria.

The two types of Shock

There are two common types of shock available on the market. Chlorine shock works as an oxidizer and disinfectant, this can sometimes be a bit harder on your hot tubs components. Chlorine shock is typically recommended for really heavy cleanings, not every single time it needs basic maintenance. The second type of shock is not chlorine-based, so it won’t actually disinfect the water but works great at giving it a good clean and oxidizing other contaminants that may be present.

Therefore, once you own a hot tub, you will probably have two types of shock that you use. The non-chlorine one for weekly maintenance and the chlorine-based shock for periodic maintenance.

How to Shock Your Hot Tub and How Long to Wait

  1. Remove your hot tub's cover. This is an important step as it allows the chemical reaction to release into the air rather than to circulate around the enclosure.
  2. Apply safety gloves while handling shock.
  3. Check that your tub's PH is between 7.2 and 7.6 (balanced or neutral PH).
  4. Turn on your pumps, but keep the air off. This will allow for calm water that is not too turbid.
  5. Choose your dose of shock according to the package and label. Be cautious while putting shock into the water.
  6. After NON-CHLORINE shock wait 10-15 minutes before entering. After chlorine shock it can take up to 24 hours to clear. Therefore it is recommended to use non-chlorine shock. It is always recommended to test with a PH strip again before entering.

Shocking is an important step to maintaining clear water and guaranteeing the safety of your bathers. These chemicals remove and eradicate bacteria and give your non-chlorine sanitizer a boost so that it can perform better and longer. 

Shock should always be used carefully and directions should always be carefully read. You must wait 10-15 minutes before entering the tub after application, and of course, PH testing is always a good idea.

Below are a few products that will help you to shock your tub and maintain the cleanest possible water: 

Test Strips


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