Setting the correct temperature in your Hot Tub

People are always asking, what is the best temperature for my Hot Tub? How Hot is too hot?

Hot Tubs are what they say they are, they are Tubs full of Hot Water, not boiling and not luke warm, Hot! Noone likes a cold tub and getting in to one when it is too hot results in discomfort and a shorter soak. It should be the perfect temperature everytime your Hot Tub is in use. 

Check out our Thermometers if you would like a method for extra readings. 

So what is the ideal temperature for your Hot Tub?

The easy answer, it is up to your preference as some people like a few degrees colder, some like a few degrees warmer. 100 (37.7c) degrees fahrenheit is in my mind, a perfect temperature. Some people love a warmer tub though and so increase it up to 104 degrees F so that they can get a real muscle relaxation!

For kids, a much lower temperature of 35C (95f) is advisable, as children are less able to regulate body temperature the same as adults.

Again, this is your personal preference, although we would recommend sticking to within 100-104 degrees fahrenheit for a regular soak. 

How the weather and climate affects your temperature?

Weather conditions play a large role in keeping your Hot Tub at the ideal temperature. For people that live in a cold climate as we do here in Canada, we tend to maybe need to overheat the water to a tiny bit above 102-104 to help against the cold weather. For someone living in Australia for instance, they might reduce it to below 100 as the sun will keep it warmer during the days. This can depend on the locality of the hot tub, how much sun it receives daily etc.

My suggestion is that you try to heat the tub to 100 and see if each time you go to use it, it is staying at that temperature. If you are setting to 100 and it is going down a bit before you use it, simply up the temperature a little. 

Keep your hot tub temperature consistent. By turning the temp right down you may think you’re saving money but in reality, you’re making the hot tub work harder and putting strain on the pump and heater. Investing in a quality hot tub cover is essential to combat unnecessary heat loss as well as keeping debris out.

Maintaining your Hot Tub temperature when you're away

If you are away for a period of time and are unable to control the heat of your tub, we suggest things such as solar blankets to help maximize heat and save on energy bills. Our Solar Cover  is a great way to help keep heat in. 

Investing in a quality hot tub cover is essential to combat unnecessary heat loss as well as keeping debris out. You can also utilize a piece of ply wood on top of the cover to help insulate the tub too.  



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