Saltwater Hot Tubs 101

Intro to Saltwater Hot Tubs:

  • Saltwater hot tubs use a generator to convert salt in the water to bromine or chlorine.
  • It's important to carefully maintain water balance of alkalinity, PH, salt and calcium.
  • Higher upfront cost for equipment with savings on sanitizer over time.
  • Saltwater hot tubs are more difficult to maintain than saltwater pools due to a smaller body of water.

Many saltwater pool owners love the benefits of having a salt generator in their pool. Why are these systems less popular for hot tubs, spa, Jacuzzi? The main reason is that it is much harder to keep the salt levels of hot tub water balanced compared to the larger body of water of a swimming pool.

If you're looking to add a salt generator to your hot tub, the Gecko In.Clear bromine system is a great and easy to install .

Whatever your hot tub needs are, we want to help! Whether you are looking for a saltwater system, minerals for natural hot tub water care, or a more traditional approach - we are always happy to give advice.

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