The Mineraluxe System - Why make the switch?

Mineraluxe is the way hot tub care was meant to be!

We love soup, but not chemical ones. We believe that water care products don’t have to be scary potions. We think you should be able to inhale while you enjoy your hot tub and we want you to exhale knowing that mother nature had a hand in making your water as healthy and natural as possible.

We think the people who tell you that all you need is one product to care for your tub are charlatans and they should focus on selling snake oil.

We hate complicated potions. We want your tub to be a restorative refuge for your family. We think hot tub care should be luxurious. healthier. simpler.

Mineraluxe has got something better. We think it’s the way hot tub care was meant to be and we know it’s going to make you fall in love with your hot tub all over again.


Did you know you can auto subscribe to Mineraluxe on our website? 

3 principal reasons why Mineraluxe is the best system available;

i. Ease of Use: Mineraluxe has effectively balanced the difficult task of keeping hot tub care simple and easy yet providing the performance and results that hot tub owners are looking for. With just 2 primary additions made once a week, the system fits well with hot tub owners looking to reduce the overall complexity of maintaining their hot tubs. With the weekly addition of Mineraluxe Cube and Mineraluxe Oxygen, applied at the same time, Mineraluxe keeps things simple. The only additional step is to maintain an effective sanitizer residual and to continue to maintain pH in an acceptable range, both of which should be standard practice with any hot tub system.

ii. Performance: Mineraluxe, with its focus on Fusion Science, provides superior performance against the most common problems that affect hot tub enjoyment. Focused on prevention, the unique fusion of the all-natural mineral technologies in Mineraluxe Cube will control and remove scale and biofilm better than any other system. In addition, it will provide water that has unmatched clarity and comfort. Utilizing its unique anionic properties, Mineraluxe is able to work its way into existing scale and biofilm formations, lifting them from surfaces where they are then filtered out (remove). Following this, the mineral composition works to prevent new deposits from forming (repel). The net result is a cleaner hot tub environment that is easier to maintain, sanitize and enjoy.

iii. Comfort: The unique mineral composition of Mineraluxe provides a bathing experience that can best be described as luxurious. Users of Mineraluxe describe it as a velvet glove being wrapped around the body. The key to the exceptional comfort is the builtin moisturizers in the system. Mineraluxe has been found to significantly reduce or eliminate the harsh, dry effects of soaking in a hot tub. The result is a mineral bath of unparalleled comfort.

We hihgly recommend the 3 month Mineraluxe System to keep your Hot Tub water clean and healthy, in the simplest & most natural way possible! 

I find the cost of Mineraluxe to be on the high side. Is it worth the price?

Absolutely. A hot tub is meant to be a special indulgence for their owners. Providing the best method of care for the water and tub itself allows a hot tub owner and the bathers to maximize their ‘tubbing’ experience. Let them pamper themselves with the unique advantages of the Mineraluxe System. A simple, easy system to follow, incredible comfort, amazing water clarity and the absence of problems and costly fixes really takes the stress and added cost out of ownership and maximizes the experience. The Mineraluxe System and its unique benefits are available for a typical hot tub owner for less than the cost of a daily large coffee from Tim Horton’s!

What is the best way to start a tub on the Mineraluxe system?

Here is a step-by-step guide to starting a new tub on Mineraluxe:

a. Deep cleanse the system – Use Mineraluxe Cleanse & Drain to deep cleanse the hot tub surfaces of any legacy biofilm, greases, oils, etc. Cleanse & Drain is added to the hot tub water prior to it being drained. For best results, apply 24 – 48 hours prior to draining and activate the high speed pump(s) periodically through this period.

b. Clean the tub surfaces – Use Dazzle Tub Cleanse to wipe down the accessible surfaces of the tub as well as the underside of the cover.

c. Deep cleanse the filter cartridge – Use Mineraluxe Filter Revive to thoroughly cleanse the cartridge. Soak the cartridge in a solution of Filter Revive and hot water for best results. Follow label directions. It is also recommended that another treatment be done 3 – 5 days following initial set-up.

d. Refill the hot tub.

e. Properly balance the hot tub water. Specifically, balance Total Alkalinity, pH and Calcium Hardness to desired levels. If in a high Total Alkalinity area, proceed to the next step after the 1st addition of Dazzle Balance pH- .

f. Once the water is balanced, add 2 Mineraluxe Cube for hot tubs up to 2000 litres in volume. Apply directly into the skimmer basket or filter compartment with the high speed pump operating. For volumes greater than 2000 litres, apply 1 additional Mineraluxe Cube for each additional 1000 litres.

g. Immediately following the addition of the Mineraluxe Cube, apply 1 pouch of Mineraluxe Oxygen per 1500 litres of water. Cut the top of the pouch off with scissors and apply by sprinkling across the hot tub water with the high speed pump operating. Leave the cover off for a minimum of 15 minutes.

h. Test your bromine or chlorine residual and adjust to ensure 3 – 5 ppm. Fast dissolving Dazzle Bromine Granules will instantly establish or boost the bromine level when needed. Dazzle Chlorine Granules or Stabilized Chlorine Granules will instantly establish or boost your chlorine level when needed. Once your bromine or chlorine residual is established, apply Mineraluxe Bromine Tablets or Mini Chlorinating Tablets to a floater or alternate feed method to maintain the desired level continuously. Remember, the Mineraluxe System will significantly reduce the quantity of bromine or chlorine required to maintain 3 – 5 ppm so reduce the quantity of tablets or granules being employed accordingly. Our recommendation is to start with a 50% reduction and test periodically to see if that is the correct adjustment.


If you have any questions about the Mineraluxe system, we are here to help! Send us a message or give us a call to discuss

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