Minerals for Hot Tub Maintenace

Minerals can help maintain water quality and clarity. A weekly addition of minerals will also help reduce algae or biofilm. Your hot tub will require less sanitizer. It's still necessary to balance the PH and use some sanitizer to keep the water safe.

We love soup, but not chemical ones. We believe that water care products don’t have to be scary potions. We think you should be able to inhale while you enjoy your hot tub. We want you to exhale knowing that mother nature had a hand in making your water as healthy and natural as possible. We think the people who tell you that all you need is one product to care for your tub are charlatans and they should focus on selling snake oil.
We hate complicated potions. we hope you never forget why you bought a hot tub in the first place. We want your tub to be a restorative refuge for your family. We think hot tub care should be luxurious. Healthier. Simpler.
We think we’ve got something better. we think it’s the way hot tub care was meant to be. We know it’s going to make you fall in love with your hot tub all over again.
Experience Mineraluxe and fall in love with your hot tub all over again.

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