Inflatable Hot Tubs - The Benefits and Negatives

It is 2022 and the talk around town is inflatable Hot Tubs at the moment! People are loving that there is now an easy, portable and affordable option for everyone to have a Hot Tub at home. If space is limited, you have a holiday home, perhaps weather is a issue, if you are looking for something to not worry to much about, Inflatable or Portable Hot Tubs might be the way to go!

We love our collection of Plug N Play Inflatable tubs, they provide some of the best benefits of a regular spa whilst relieving people of some of the more challenging factors of spa ownership. We believe that everyone should have a Hot Tub, however different tubs work for different people. Inflatables make Hot Tubs more accessible to everyone!! 

In this article, we want to talk about the benefits and negatives to purchasing a Inflatable Hot Tub. Hopefully from reading this, it will help you to decide which tub is the best for you.


The Benefits of an Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Portability - First of all for me, is portability, Inflatable tubs give you the ability to take them with you, which is a really cool factor. Consider taking it away with you or packing it up when people come over. Perhaps you only want it set up for summer or you would like to bring it to your holiday home with you for 3 months a year? These are great for this purpose. Simply plug the tub in to a powerpoint, fill it up and away you go! 
  • Cost - As I said above, we believe that a Hot Tub can benefit everyone, but not everyone can afford a $10,000 hot tub plus maintenance and chemicals etc. Although you might sacrifice on some style options, Inflatable spas give you all of the same benefits for a fraction of the price. They will also save you a huge amount of money on hydro use and chemical maintenance. 
  • Maintenance - Hot Tub Ownership can sometimes be complicated in terms of chemical soups and maintaining. With a Portable Hot Tub you will not have to worry about these things
  • Cushioning - Some people love how nice and soft the seating is in a inflatable spa. It is a more cushiony experience! They tubs are also really sturdy too and are quite hard to puncture

The Negatives of an Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Seating - One thing that people find different in an inflatable is that you sit right on the floor instead of up on a seat, most do not have internal seating contoured. 
  • Massage Intensity - Inflatable Hot Tubs are usually equipped with jets, however they provide more of a bubbly experience rather than a dedicated massage jet that might come in a regular Hot Tub
  • Water Use - An inflatable can need to be emptied regularly due to weather, water maintenance and more, this can waste a lot of water
  • Heat - Inflatable hot tubs will lose heat quicker than a regular hot tub, and may not be able to operate the same in winter conditions.


The amazing thing is, that in this day and age. There is truly an option for everyone! Whether it is an inflatable or a regular Hot Tub, you will thoroughly enjoy this purchase and the benefits it give you. Water is an amazing medicine and both of these types of tubs will provide you a beautiful gateway to eternal relaxation. 

We hope that the factors above can make your decision a little easier. We highly recommend MSPA Hot Tubs which is a line that we have sold for a long time and have heard only great feedback about! If you have any questions, we are here to help and are available to chat. Reach out at any time to discuss which spa is the best for you! 

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