How to Improve Circulation in Your Hot Tub: Tips from Hot Tub Oufitters

Maintaining proper circulation in your hot tub is crucial for keeping the water clean and ensuring a relaxing experience. At Hot Tub Oufitters, we specialize in hot tub maintenance and supplies, and we’re here to share some expert tips on how to improve circulation in your hot tub.

1. Regularly Clean Your Filters

Your hot tub’s filters play a key role in maintaining water circulation. Clean your filters every 1-2 weeks and replace them every 12 months to ensure optimal performance. Dirty filters can obstruct water flow, leading to poor circulation and dirty water.

2. Check and Adjust Water Levels

Maintaining the correct water level is essential for proper circulation. Ensure your hot tub water level is midway up the skimmer or as recommended by the manufacturer. Low water levels can cause the pump to work harder and reduce circulation efficiency.

3. Use the Right Chemicals

Balancing your hot tub water with the right chemicals is vital for circulation. Use high-quality chlorine or bromine tablets, such as our Dazzle Hot Tub Chlorine Tablets, to keep your water clean and clear. Properly balanced water allows the circulation system to work more effectively.

4. Inspect and Maintain the Pump

Your hot tub’s pump is the heart of its circulation system. Regularly inspect and maintain your pump to ensure it’s functioning correctly. Listen for unusual noises and check for any leaks or obstructions that might hinder performance.

5. Run the Jets Regularly

Running the jets helps to keep the water moving and improves circulation. Make it a habit to run your hot tub jets for 15-20 minutes each day, even if you’re not using the hot tub. This helps to distribute chemicals and prevent stagnation.

By following these tips, you can enjoy a clean, well-circulated hot tub all year round. For more expert advice and high-quality hot tub supplies, visit today!

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