Hot Tub Subsciptions - Frequently Asked Questions

We get all sorts of questions about our subscription packages. Here's some of the most common questions. Feel free to contact us with your own questions by phone  604-388-4388 or email

What is a hot tub subscription package?

We bundle all the chemicals and test strips you'll need for hot tub maintenance to keep your water clean and clear. You'll receive a box once a month, once every three months, or once a year depending on which plan you choose.

Does the subscription come with everything I need?

The subscription comes with everything you'll need to maintain hot tub water chemistry. In addition to the subscription, we recommend a new filter twice a year.

What are the benefits of a subscription over buying the products individually?

Because the subscription comes with everything bundled together, we can offer a significant savings on these packages. Subscriptions also come with the piece of mind that you won't forget to order anything.

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  • How does the package work with different size tubs and the water in different parts of the country are completely different?
    I looked at your start up kit and as an example it includes PH – here in bc I need PH+


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