Hot Tub Holiday Gift Ideas

Give the gift of bubbles this year by finding the perfect gift for your family or friends Hot Tub! Christmas season is fast approaching and if you are like me, you are already thinking about gifts for family and close friends. We have some amazing outdoor accessories for everyone. Take a look below or on our site for some fun ideas! 

We have some great gift ideas available on our website for you to choose between, here a few of my favourites:

Aromatherapy Products

Life can be crazy, that's why Hot Tub time is so therapeutic, because it is the time when you can fully unwind and relax. Take relaxation to the next level with our great range of Aromatherapy products which contain amazing health benefits. 

These come in individual bottles, pillows, spa bombs and as gift packs. Check them out! 


Inflatable Hot Tubs

We have a great range of inflatable tubs that make the perfect christmas gift for that person who has always wanted a tub. Our range of MSPA Plug N Play Hot Tubs are a great alternative to a hard shell tub. They are portable, affordable, easy to operate and have all of the benefits that a regular tub offers. They are available in 4 and 6 seater and MSPA make an amazing product that is guranteed to last. 


Unbreakable Glassware

Ok, so we all know the rule - absolutely no glass in the hot tub. A broken glass or beer bottle means a full drain of the hot tub to clean out any shards. Regular plastic cups can look and feel cheap. That's why we carry Unbreakable Polycarbonate Glassware. They have the exact same look and feel of luxury glassware and are completely indestructible when dropped. Enjoy a drink while you soak in your spa, you deserve it!


 Spa Bar


A floating refreshment bar designed specifically for spas and hot tubs. Features water filled ballast to enable the bar to sit stable on the spa edge or float steadily in the water. A great addition to any Hot Tub or Pool!! Life Spa Bar

The Supa-Vac Spa Cleaner

The unique Supa-Vac design allows you to quickly clean or empty virtually any water fixture Quickly Cleans And Empties, No pump required and comes complete with pole and hose

Application: Above Ground and Inground Pools, Spas, Splasher and Paddling Pools, Fountains, Ponds and Ornamental Water Features.


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