Help My Hot Tub Water is Green!

Has your hot tub water turned green? In this article we'll list a few common causes and talk about solutions to make your hot tub water clear again.


1. Make sure your filters are clean

Dirty filters can cause all sorts of problems including green hot tub water. Make sure you clean your filters at least once a month. Filter Cleaning Tablets are amazing for keeping your filters clean. If the filter is in really rough shape it might be time to replace with a new one.


2. Test the water for phosphates

Phosphates are a common cause of green hot tub water. You'll want to remove them as quickly as possible. Check out our article about easy steps to remove phosphates from hot tub water.


3. Use drain prep to flush out the pipes

It's a good idea to flush out the pipes with Drain Prep at least once a year. Simply take out the filter and pour the entire bottle of drain prep into the hot tub. Run the jets then let it sit overnight. The drain prep will clean out the pipes from the inside. Then drain the hot tub the next day, it's common to see gunk and other materials come out. Refill the tub and put in a new filter and it should be good as new!


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