Getting your Hot Tub ready for Winter

Living in Canada we have to be prepared for a generally cold and frozen Winter. Maybe not so much in Vancouver, however on the East Coast the weather can be extreme which can put your Hot Tub parts to work to stay happy. In this article you will find some recommendations that we have in preparation for a cold Winter to help you to shut down your tub for these months. 

If you are to follow our recommendations, we believe that your Hot Tub Parts will last longer, your Hot Tub will perform better and you will save money on Electricity. We have some great products available that will save you a lot in the long run.

Here are some methods that you can use to get your Hot Tub ready for Winter:

  • Flush the Lines - It is a great idea to remove any build up of debris from your Hot Tub lines to improve Pump and Heater efficiency over Winter. We have a flush line product called Pro-Clean Whirlpool Flush which is great for this. 

  • Turn off the Power
  • Drain Water - You can use a garden hose or a sump pump to do this
  • Loosen the unions that connect your pump and heater to the pipes. Some water may accumulate in the plumbing system so when you loosen the unions it will drain out
  • Remove your filter and soak it in Filter Revive. This way your filter will remain in good condition over winter, leaving it in will mess with the filters performance. Use our Mineraluxe Filter Revive Cleanse
  • Remove any excess water that is remaining in hard to reach places such as the jet housings, the bottom of the tub etc. The easiest way to do this is to use a Shop Vac.
  • Clean your Cover to prevent any growth on it over Winter. 303 Multi Surface Cleaner is great for this use. Make sure that the cover is firmly secured to stop any bugs or creatures getting in there (could make a grat place for a bear to hibernate lol). 
  • I recommend using a few pieces of plywood on top of the cover and then possibly even a tarp, especially if you live in an area that has a decent build up of Snow

And there you have it! By doing these things you will make sure that your hot tub and internal parts will be in great condition for when you re open it next Spring. 

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