Draining a hot tub! Drain Prep solution by Dazzle


Dazzle Drain Prep


• Cleans hot tub plumbing and other hidden surfaces
• Releases and digests
• All natural blend of;

o Powerful surfactants – ‘release’
o concentrated enzymes – ‘digest’
• Nature’s way of biodegrading organics
o Body oils, greases, cosmetics
o Biofilm
o Organic accumulations
• End result is water and CO2
o Safe to pump away to drain or lawn

• Also cleans scum-line and other hot tub surfaces

• Prior to draining
• Time allows product to release and digest
more thoroughly

o Day before draining in routine
o 2 days before draining when;
❧ Cleaning up biofilm
❧ Used for 1st time
❧ After other problems

• Heavy foaming
• Bad odours
• Visible organic

How Much
• Use 750 mls per application
• Water may not look good after application – ‘releasing effect’ Cleans where you can’t!

• Maintain heated temperature
• Remove filter cartridge(s)
• Apply product directly to water
• Operate pump at least 5 minutes with;

o Diverter valves neutral
o All jets operational (air off)
o Waterfalls and other features operating

• Foaming will occur – turn pump on and off to control


Thanks to Backyard Brands for their amazing products and knowledge


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