Hot Tub Defoamer 101

Defoamer for hot tubs. Why do you use defoamer? When do you use defoamer? How much defoamer do you use?


Dazzle Defoamer is a great way to remove foam from your hot tub!


• Effectively suppresses foam in hot tubs and jacuzzi
• Works immediately
• Highly concentrated
• Compatible with Dazzle products/programs

• Foaming is an indicator of issues:

o Organic accumulation
o Improper water balance (high pH)
o Accumulation of soaps, detergents


• Proper maintenance helps prevent foaming:

o Weekly use of Amaze/Amaze Plus
o Weekly use of Botanical Cleanse
o Proper overall water balance
o Draining on scheduled basis as peruse
o Regular cleaning of filter, surfaces
o Compatible hot tub products
• As required
• Use sparingly – don’t overdose
How Much
• Approx. ½ a capful per 1,000 litres
• 10 – 15 mls per application
• 1 capful = 25 mls.
• Apply directly to hot tub/jacuzzi water when foaming is experienced
• Do not overdose

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