How do I connect my Balboa hot tub wi-fi?

Follow the steps below.

Standing Next to the tub(Very Important) ……On your iPhone:

  1. Go to Settings/Wi-Fi/ and join the BWG-xxxxx network.
  2. Open the BWG (Balboa Water Group App on your phone and select Connect. You should be able to operate your tub (pumps/lights/etc)
  3. If you are successful with Step 2 continue, if you are unable to operate the pumps/lights etc you will need to start over.
  4. Within the App select settings/advanced/Wi-Fi settings/WPA
  5. SSID (Is the name of your home Wi-Fi network e.g. Telus2343 or SmithResidence)
  6. Key (Is the password to log onto your Wi-Fi network e.g. 9998887776)
  7. Save (top right corner) VERY IMPORTANT
  8. Back out of the App to get to your home screen.
  9. Double tap the iPhone home button and swipe up to close the App completely. VERY IMPORTANT
  10. Go to Settings/Wi-Fi/ and join your home Wi-Fi network.
  11. Back out of settings and open the BWG App….Select Connect (If you are successful you will see a white cloud in the top left hand corner). You can now operate your hot tub remotely from anywhere your iPhone has connectivity. 



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