Christmas Gifts for the Hot Tub Lover

With the holiday season around the corner, here are some great gift ideas for that hot tub enthusiast in your life:


Hot tub Cover Lifters

Hot tub cover lifters make it easy to remove and store the hot tub cover while soaking. They reduce wear and tear, increasing the longevity of the cover. Our favorite is the incredibly easy to install, easy to use Ultralift Boomerang which features a hydraulic mount that makes opening and closing it a breeze!


Unbreakable Glassware

Ok, so we all know the rule - absolutely no glass in the hot tub. A broken glass or beer bottle means a full drain of the hot tub to clean out any shards. Regular plastic cups can look and feel cheap. That's why we carry Unbreakable Polycarbonate Glassware. They have the exact same look and feel of luxury glassware and are completely indestructible when dropped. Enjoy a drink while you soak in your spa, you deserve it!


Propane or Natural Gas Firepits

Getting into the hot tub isn't just about the warmth of the water or the massage of the jets, it's also about getting outside and enjoying your backyard or patio. It's about the heat of the tub juxtaposed with a cool winter breeze. Watching the seasons change as the fall leaves turn color and then the snow starts to come. It's about spending time outside with your family. A natural gas or propane firepit helps bring warmth and atmosphere to your outdoor experience.



Experts says that sense of smell is indelibly tied to memories. Start creating memories with your family by bringing aromas to your hot tub experience. Products like Pharmaspa Therapeutic Crystals are specially designed to provide the aromatherapy experience that your body needs. And Spa Bombs can make the perfect stocking stuffer, watch them fizz as the make a wonderful fragrance!


Spa Umbrellas

You spend so much time making sure your hot tub water is just perfect, what if there was a way to make sure conditions outside were just perfect for a soak. Sometimes nothing beats reading a good book while in the hot tub - but what to do if it's raining outside!. A spa umbrella might just be the perfect thing to cover your hot tub from rain or sun.

Hot Tub Umbrella

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