The Benefits of Ordering Hot Tub Parts,Hot Tub Chemicals and more!

The world has been changing very quickly lately. We are in the midst of a big change in how we do things. Technology is quickly taking over and the COVID-19 pandemic has actually pushed this shift along even quicker. Certain factors have caused this to happen such as convenience, more control and more ease for a consumer. 

Some people prefer to buy in person, however with todays conveniences that Online Shopping offers, it is hard to ignore that this industry offers a lot of benefits that in person shopping cannot. 

At Hot Tub Outfitters, we have worked within the Hot Tub Industry for 30 years, we have seen it develop and change and grow into what it is today. We have always had the objective of making Hot Tub Ownership easy for everyone, and we firmly believe that in todays market, shopping online for your Hot Tub Parts & accessories is the way to go! 

I thought I would outline a few benefits to ordering online for your Hot Tub in Canada:

- Cheaper Prices - At Hot Tub Outfitters we are able to offer parts for 20% less than a brick and mortar store. With savings of renting a store and staffing it, this allows us to stock parts cheaper. 
- Improved Efficiency/ Accuracy - Shopping online allows things to be written down and recorded to ensure accuracy for both parties. 
- No pressure -  You know that feeling when you walk in and don't want to ask a question as you then feel commited to buying? Say goodbye to that! With online ordering you can take your time and not feel any pressures
- Wider range of choices - In a retail location, we are limited to only selling what we can fit on a shelf, this is a huge limitation in product choices for you! 
- Dedicated Customer Service - We are able to offer customer service via phone, e-mail, social media and instant chat which provides all of the answers
- Free Shipping - Ship for free across Canada with tracked Expedited Post, this quick service ensures that you receive your goods as soon as possible. 
- Auto-Subscribe Make hot tub re supplying as easy as possible by getting your favourite products shipped to your home automatically at your selected interval! 
- No Lines - No more waiting in long queues or rushing to the store before it closes
- 24/7 365 - You can shop whenever you like without any limitation of opening hours!
We are so proud of our Website, in 2020 we became Canada's largest Hot Tub Outfitting company and we are excited to continue to help Hot Tub owners across Canada in maintaining their Hot Tub. If you ever have any questions, we are here to help, feel welcome to reach out at any time. 

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