Backyard Ideas for Family Time - Maximizing Home Time!

We all know how hard it can be to get the family together in the home sometimes, or to get the kids outside in the garden! Coming up with home activities for the whole family can be a challenge, That's why we have come up with some great ideas for you and yours. In this crazy world, we all need to make time for backyard hangs with the family!

Here are a few of our favourite ideas for backyard fun with the whole fam:

1. Hot Tub Board Games

Ok, so maybe getting the kids to sit around the floor in the lounge for a game of Monopoly that lasts all night is a bit unrealistic. How about a floating Hot Tub game to spice things up a little? Introducing our Floating Multi Game Board for Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs. Specially designed to float, this magnetic game board is reversible for play in or beside the pool! In the mood for chess, checkers, or backgammon! Play any of the three. Comes complete with play pieces, a pair of dice and a doubling cube.

2. Explore your area

Go for a nice walk around your area, take a different turn and explore something new. We quite often do not realize how special the place is that we live until we move somewhere else. Release that sense of adventure and explore something new, follow it with a nice treat for the kids for going out and doing some exercise and putting on their Dora hat!

3. Card Games around the Fire or Hot Tub

Everyone enjoys a game of cards, young or old, there is a game that everyone loves! Playing a game of cards in the back garden can be such a beautifully relaxing experience, the cool breeze, a favourite drink and the ambience make for a game that won't easily be forgotten. 

We have fire tables available which have table tops surrounding them and are perfect for this use! Another great idea is playing the game of cards in the hot tub! What??? Yep, We now have waterproof playing cards that are available and make for a great time!! 

4. Hop Scotch or Ring Toss

We're going old school with this one! These used to be my favourite games when I was growing up! Hop Scotch and Ring Toss are amazing games that are super easy to set up and pack away, these games will put the smile on everyones faces, no matter the age. Be inventive and play ring toss over the Hot Tub or make it more difficult each level!

5. Outdoor Movie Night

My personal fave!! A projector screen is incredibly cheap now a days and provides the experience of a theatre from the comfort of your own home! Invite the kids friends around or your neighbours and sit back with some popcorn as your favourite movie plays under the stars. Extra points if you watch it from your Hot Tub!! 

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