7 Health Benefits to Owning a Hot Tub

Life is busy and days are long sometimes, Stress can be plentiful sometimes and Hot Tubs are a easy cure and a great method of relaxation. Aside from helping you relax & unwind, Hot Tubs provide some other amazing health benefits. 

Let's check out some of the amazing benefits of soaking in a Hot Tub!

Here are 7 benefits that we experience from soaking in a Hot Tub

Stress Relief

Life stressing you out? Don't worry, you are not the only one! Hot Tubs are a great way to relieve stress and unwind. Warm water and massage jets naturally ease muscle tension and may help relieve physical, emotional and mental stress. 

These feelings can be even further amplified by using accessories like aromatherapy products, diffusers and soft music, low lighting etc. 

Improved Sleep and Routine

Who doesn't love a great night of sleep. Sometimes with our busy lifes, this can be hard to achieve. According to research, the simple relaxation gained from a soak in the hot tub may be enough to help you drift off into a more peaceful sleep. 

Lack of sleep can decrease productivity levels and increase stress, anxiety and depression. Submerging your body into a hot tub is an amazing benefit for your muscles and nervous system. The Hot Water and massage will raise your body temp so that your muscles and body relax, simulating a calm and restful environment so you can get that rest that you deserve.

Skin Care & Detoxification

Hot Tubs provide a perfect amount of heat and steam which opens up your skin pores, this allows your pores to open up, allowing the water to clear out any toxins or dirt. Usually when I get out of a Hot Tub, my skin feels softer and more clear.

Range of Motion

As we age, it takes more and more work to keep our body free of motion issues. Especially in the cold winter months, our muscles tighten more frequently and take longer to ease every day. Especially if you have experienced an injury or muscle soreness. 

Through regular usage, a hot tub can help you to restore your range of motion and make you more flexible and less stiff. The warm water of the spa actually creates a hydrostatic pressure - the pressure caused by the weight of fluid on your body. By doing this, it reduces joint inflammation, which in turn, aids mobility. Floating in the spa relieves tension and allows the joints and muscles to become more pliable. This will allow you to stretch further than normal. 

There are some great hot tub exercise videos on YouTube about this! 

 Back Pain Relief

If you haven't experienced lower back pain, you are one of the lucky ones! Apparently up to 80% of North Americans suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. It is not a fun thing to go through, thankfully, having a soak in a Hot Tub can help in a big way. People that have used hydrotherapy methods to reduce back pain have noticed a large reduction in their symptoms, especially when combined with Aqua Aerobics or exercises. 

Cardio Vascular Health

Immersing yourself in water in general up to your neck gives you a cardiac workout. This is because water puts more pressure on your body which increases your cardiac volume. In other words, when you’re soaking in water, your heart works harder and that helps it stay healthy.


Between the dilated blood vessels, relaxation, and warmth, spa baths can help reduce headaches and relieve tension around your brain. By dilating the blood vessels, it can decrease pressure in your head which helps get rid of headaches while general relaxation and warmth continue the process. If you suffer from headaches then some good spa baths can help you fix it.

And there you have it! 7 amazing medical reasons that you should consider getting a Hot Tub! We are not saying that sitting in a hot tub will get rid of any ailment or issue that you are experiencing, however, we firmly believe that these are some great ways to help you relax. Please always keep in mind any advice from your health and medical professionals too. If you have any doubts at all about whether a Hot Tub is good for you, we recommend to consult your doctor.

A Hot Tub might not be a miracle cure, but it will 100% help you in these areas above. Hot Tub use along with a healthy lifestyle is a great way to stay in shape! 

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