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Gecko S-Class Spa Pack 3-72-7079

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$1,336.18 CAD
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$1,119.44 CAD

This Gecko S-Class model 3-72-7079 spa pack can operate up to 2 pumps, pump 1 can be operated on 2 speeds, pump 2 can only operate on 1 speed. This model Gecko S-Class spa pack cannot operate a small circulation pump.

Pack specs:

  • Spa pack: 3-72-7079
    can run,
    1-2 speed pump 240V,
    1-1 speed pump 240V,
    Ozonator 120 or 240V controlled by the filter cycle
  • Heater 4kw@240V. 
  • Includes the temperature sensor and a 8" cord as shown in the pictures
  • Model options:  SC-CF-P121-P211-01-LS-H4.0-JJM-XXX
  • Automatic time-out on all outputs
  • Sensor failure detection
  • Ozone management 
  • Programmable filter cycles
  • High-limit protection
  • Pressure switch failure detection
  • Smart Winter Mode
  • Temp accuracy within +/- 1°F
  • Filter cycle overtemp protection 
  • This pack has the mini J&J receptacles

If looking to replace an older Gecko S-Class spa pack in your hot tub, consider replacing it with a current generation YE-5 series bundle from Gecko, better built and better priced.