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Dazzle TA+ Total Alkalinity Plus

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Dazzle Alkalinity Plus is a high quality alkaline mineral that raises total alkalinity levels in hot tub water. Quality matters with balancing products so they don’t introduce unwanted impurities. When Total Alkalinity is balanced, corrosion of surfaces is reduced and pH is buffered effectively, making it less likely to shift. Effectively managing Total Alkalinity will enhance the performance of other chemicals by improving their efficiency, reducing their waste and the associated cost and environmental impact from that.


  • Raises Total Alkalinity (TA) of hot tub water
  • Use when TA is less than 125 ppm to return to effective range of 125 – 150 ppm
  • Low TA causes;
    • pH bounce – difficult to balance
    • Increased corrosion of metal surfaces- staining
  • Etching of plaster, grout
  • Increased risk of problems and major repair costs
  • Highest grade mineral available
    • Very fine, granular form
    • Dissolves quickly and fully
    • Food grade – no impurities
    • Alkaline – pH 8.3 in solution
  • Apply when needed to maintain TA between 125 – 150 ppm
  • Always test with fresh fill and monthly thereafter

How Much

  • To raise TA:  18 g per 1,000 L raises TA 10 ppm
  • 1 capful = 10 grams (approx.)


    • Always adjust TA 1st, before pH or TH
    • Operate pump with air off
    • Apply product by sprinkling slowly over water surface in one application
    • Circulate for 1 – 2 hours
    • Always test and re-balance pH after application of Balance TA+

    What is TA

    • The total of all alkaline minerals in water
    • Namely bicarbonates, carbonates, hydroxides
    • The measure of waters ability to resist a change in pH
    • Proper hot tub range: 125 – 150 ppm
    • Acts as a buffer or shock absorber for pH
    • Balance initially at fresh fill
    • Check monthly and adjust as needed

    Why Is It Important

    • In hot tub water, a balanced total alkalinity does the following:
      • Allows easier maintenance of pH within the desired range
      • Helps protect surfaces from corrosion, staining and scale formation
      • Helps provide clearer water
      • Fewer problems / easier maintenance

    Why Does TA Change

    • TA is depleted in the buffering of acids and maintenance of proper pH
    • Product additions can have an effect on TA
      • Bromine Tabs lower TA
      • Balance pH- lowers TA
      • Balance pH+ raises TA
    • Aeration lowers TA
    • Fill water can raise or lower TA

    Problems Associated with TA

    • When low – acidic
      • pH bounces uncontrollably
      • Corrodes surfaces
      • Possible staining
    • When high – scale forming
      • High acid demand
      • High pH
      • Scale forms more readily
      • Cloudy water (calcium)

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