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Balboa VS501 Hot Tub Spa Pak with Mini Oval Topside

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The Balboa VS501 Hot Tub Spa Pak is the most popular and universal retrofit spa pack and will work with almost every make and model of hot tub. The spa pack is capable of running one primary jet pump (one speed or two speeds) plus a secondary pump which can be a circulation pump, a blower, or a 2nd jet pump. 

The spa pack has patented M7 technology which means that flow direction is not important. It can be mounted upside down and will still work. Unlike other spa packs the VS501 has no pressure switch or hi limit switch which are often the cause of spa heater failure.  Instead, it uses two temperature sensors before and after the heater element to detect flow and temperature.

The VS501 comes standard with 2” pipe union fittings but can easily be adapted to 1.5” by inserting reducer unions.

Features & Benefits
• Replaces failure-prone mechanical pressure/flow switch
• Can be plumbed to either suction or pressure side of pump
• 120/240V convertible power
• Custom plastic enclosure
• M7 flow/ temperature sensors
• Rigorously tested
• US & Canadian safety approval

Runs Pump 1 x2-speed, Pump 2x 1-speed, Circ, Ozone, and Light & Adaptor Plate

Kit comes with Spa Pak and Control Top. Complete with VS501 Spa Pak Mini LCD Topside (4.34"x1.58") & Cords