Shocking your Hot Tub

Dazzle Amaze is a great product for keeping your hot tub water clear and clean! Here's some info on how to use it:

β€’ Shock Treatment for Hot Tubs
β€’ Part 1 of Dazzle 2 Part System
β€’ Unique Dual-Action Approach

o Enhanced Active Oxygen
o Powerful Clarifiers
β€’ Reduces Non-Filterable Wastes
o Organics
o Ammonia, Nitrogen
β€’ Works Fast – less than 1 hour
β€’ Gentle, Healthier Approach
o Doesn’t raise sanitizer levels severely
❧ No DBP’s
❧ Less chemically invasive
o Will provide a gentle boost to brominated systems (2 – 3 ppm)

β€’ A simply better approach to shocking

β€’ Weekly
β€’ After heavy use
β€’ Any time the water needs it

o Cloudy
o Odours
o β€˜Off’

β€’ Ideal with Bromine
β€’ Can be used with chlorine but will not boost chlorine levels – if a boost is
needed, use Dazzle Chlorine Granules or switch to Amaze Plus Ideal for use with brominated systems (including salt).

How Much
β€’ 2 capfuls per 1,000 Litres
β€’ 1 capful = 12 grams
If removing combined chlorine – dosage rate is 2 capfuls per 1,000 L per 1 ppm of
combined chlorine

β€’ Remove cover
β€’ Operate pump with air off
β€’ Broadcast across surface
β€’ Leave cover off for minimum 1 hour

When used with Dazzle Botanical Cleanse, provides a highly effective method
for controlling organic accumulation in hot tub water.
Apply Dazzle Botanical Cleanse 15 minutes after Dazzle Amaze treatment for best results.

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